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Summer Camp

Our Summer camp is a great way for children to enjoy their Summer.


Our younger Summer Campers enjoy daily walks to neighborhood parks, trips to local vendors for ice cream treats, and bowling, in addition to other fun activities. The loosely structured routine allows for children to enjoy their days at a slow paced and relaxing rate, while learning the value of friendship and camaraderie. Home style lunches are served to fuel their growing bodies to keep up with the active day!


Our older Summer Campers enjoy daily trips to our local public pool, exploring parks both near and far, movies and bowling, in addition to anything else they can fit into their Summer. When not on the go exploring the world around us, they enjoy time in our center doing crafts, playing games and being fueled up with delicious and nutritious meals. Friendships begun in earlier classrooms expand over the Summer months, creating memories for a lifetime!







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