Our Classrooms at a Glance


Love bugs 

Our infant program provides the home-like atmosphere that is so important to a child's development.  We have a 2:1 (child to staff) ratio which far exceeds the state minimum standards and provides us the opportunity to sing, hold, and interact with every infant in our care.  We develop relationships with the children that allow us to recognize them for the individuals that they are as lines of commuication are explored with families.  Our baby room affords the occasion to grow, explore, and learn through sensory experiences, conversations, and play.



Bitty Bugs

Our toddler program is exploration and play at its best.  Together teachers and children create art, read stories, and discover the world around them.  Play is our work as children develop social concepts of self and others.  Each teacher strives to promote verbal skills and indepenence on a daily basis as teachers work both one-on-one with children and in small groups.




Frolicking Frogs


The Frog Room is the class of transition.  We welcome you to the preschool world.  Here teachers and children continue to talk, read, and play together; however, cognitive concepts are stressed more prominently.  Shapes, colors, numbers, and beginning writing are introduced.  Children take on helper roles as they become part of their classroom community and the need to be needed is met.  Additionally, concepts of sharing and cooperative play are looked at in depth.  The Frog room creates an atmosphere of fun while promoting progress.




Spunky Monkeys/Busy Bee's

The Monkey Room works to reinforce and build upon early concepts of color, shapes, and symbols.  Children will begin to write and recognize individual letters. Our teachers explore concepts and interest that the children express as curriculum is planned and executed.  Together teachers and children will learn through scheduled activities, exploration, and freeplay.




Furry Friends

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program is one that emphasizes independence. Students will learn all their shapes, colors, letters, and be able to count quite successfully.  Zippers and buttons wil be mastered and children will explore tying their own shoes.  Pre-K is a program that exercises new themes with field trips, hands-on experiences, and cause-N-effect activities.  Children will eargerly learn as they discover new things not only about the world around them, but also themselves.


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